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Our Church Family

Welcome to our St. John's family web page.  On this page you will find information that might be of interest specifically to our St. John's members, but anyone is free to browse.


Flowers for the Holy Table

If anyone would like to put flowers on the Holy Table as a memorial or in thanksgiving, please contact Seanagh Murdoch.

Including Someone in the Prayers?

Let us know if you would like to have someone included in the Prayers of the People.

There is a binder at the back of the church ready to receive requests for prayer for this month.

If there is someone in crises, then by all means, please call and/or leave a message and we will make every effort to include them for that Sunday.

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Matt's Messages

St. John's

Find words of reflection -- words to contemplate and inspire as we continue to learn together what it means to follow Jesus.

You can find Matt's page under the Church Family tab in the main toolbar,

or by clicking below:


Our Daily Bread booklets for the next 3 months are available to be picked up at the church.

If you would prefer to receive a digital version, please click here to go to the Our Daily Bread website for more information.

Access our secure church directory using your email address

Make a prayer chain request using our secure email

Click below for Services of Daily Prayer from the Church of England

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