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A little about us...

We are a community church in the Anglican Tradition, located in the beautiful Cavan Hills, 15 minutes west of Peterborough. Being a “community” church means that we are a church for the entire community, not just those with an Anglican background.

We have been "Celebrating Jesus for over 200 years"!

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Our next in-person service: 
Sunday, May 22nd
at 10:00 a.m.
6th Sunday of Easter


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Good News:  We have returned to in-person services.  You are most welcome to join us on Sundays at 10 a.m. at St. John's, Ida.

A message from our Wardens...


In March, Ontario removed the majority of COVID-19 public health restrictions.  As a result, the Diocesan guidelines and recommended practices have also been updated.  Our COVID-19 Safety Plan and Protocols have been updated as a result of these changes.

We recognize that everyone’s understanding of “personal space” has changed over the past two years, and that our individual comfort levels with changes in COVID protocols will vary.  In determining how we respond, we have tried to ensure that we developed a plan that accounts for these varying needs.  Livestreaming will continue.

Our safety plan continues to be built around the following basic pillars:

  • Capacity limits and spacing

  • Screening and contact tracing

  • Masks

The following changes are now currently in place:

Capacity Limits

In short, reduced capacity limits due to COVID have now been lifted for the Province of Ontario, and within our Diocese.  This enables us to allow both doors to be used as entrances or exits, and to increase the allowable seating capacity within our building.  We will make the transition to increased capacity in stages by reopening only some of the pews that have been closed, while keeping a portion of the pews closed for those who may continue to prefer extra spacing.

The coat racks will be available for use again, or coats may be taken to your seats.

Contact Tracing & Screening

Contact tracing no longer needs to be taken, and will be discontinued.

As Ontario moves away from emergency measures, to more normal operations, the responsibility for self-screening and contact notification reverts back to the individual.

We will maintain passive screening signage at entrances, but ask that everyone consciously screen themselves before leaving their home, regardless of your destination, and to remain at home if you have symptoms or feel ill.


Masks continue to be mandatory inside our buildings, with the exception of allowing one speaker at a time who may unmask for the purposes of liturgical speaking, provided proper distancing from others can be maintained.

Hand sanitizer will continue to be available throughout.


And finally, as we all have been waiting to hear, there are new guidelines available for food and drink hospitality.  We are now permitted to have food and drink following similar guidelines as for restaurants.  Masks are to be worn at all times, unless seated for eating or drinking.  Seating should be spread out as much as possible because masks will be removed.

Food must be prepared, portioned and served by designated, masked and vaccinated volunteers. There can be no buffets, or self-serve coffee/tea, and food or drink may not be consumed while standing.

This means we are not quite ready for our familiar informal, stand-up coffee time; but we can start to consider other opportunities provided the necessary preparations are in place.

As always, we are monitoring updates from the Province, Peterborough Health and the Diocese as restrictions continue to be removed, and will adapt as we feel appropriate in our situation.  We also need to be prepared to revert immediately to any protocols imposed by government and health authorities should restrictions be re-applied.

No person is required or expected to act in a manner that feels unsafe or unwise to them.  We will need to ask permission before assuming people’s sense of ease with handshakes or hugs.  Even with increased capacity, we want to avoid crowding, for reasons of both safety and comfort.  We encourage everyone to maintain respectful distances if gathering in groups.

We invite your input or any feedback you may have.



Your Team of Wardens,

Don Winslow, Jason Conrad, Kelly Capper

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